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Training employees and members of an organization on the behavior expectations of an employer or organization can be an effective way to reduce misconduct and legal risk.  Kevin is an experienced one-on-one and group trainer.  He has provided sexual harassment prevention training in a wide variety of settings, working with supervisors and employees within a particular employer or to mixed groups.  He has provided an introduction to employment law to new and experienced managers.  He has worked with Boards of Directors and Executive Boards to ensure they understood the legal obligations their organizations faced. Kevin has practical experience, deep knowledge of the subject matter and the ability to share these with interesting specifics that the audience can relate to.  


Having a plan in place before an allegation of misconduct is received will increase the likelihood that the initial response will be effective.  Kevin was part of the team that developed the response plan at an Ivy League institution.  In addition, he is familiar with the caselaw that has developed based on institutional responses to allegations of misconduct.  With this background, Kevin is prepared to help institutions and organizations develop a plan to response to reports of misconduct.  This work can improve the chance that an organization responds effectively to the allegation, reducing the chance of continued misconduct and negative publicity based on a delayed response.  Even if a plan is not in place, relying on his experience, Kevin can provide timely assistance in developing a focused effective response.