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Kevin D. O'Leary

With experience gained as Associate General Counsel at Dartmouth College for 15 years and as a partner in a large law firm, Kevin is uniquely qualified to provide service as an external investigator, trainer and consultant.  As an investigator, Kevin has demonstrated the ability to strike an appropriate balance between the interests of the accuser and the accused and provide a fact based report with a clear, understandable explanation of his conclusions.  Kevin's ability to train and effectively consult with senior leadership is informed by his significant experience as an advisor to senior management at Dartmouth and elsewhere, leading to the development of strategic responses that are designed to resolve the dispute and protect the interests of everyone involved. 

Investigations covering the full range of alleged misconduct in educational institutions and other workplaces, for example: sexual harassment, discrimination under Title IX, Title VII and state law, theft, fraud and inappropriate classroom or supervisory conduct /abuse of authority. 

Training and Consulting for employers, educators and organizations seeking to avoid misconduct, promptly and effectively respond to allegations of misconduct, relying on deep knowledge of the law and practical experience as an advisor to senior leadership and meet their compliance obligations.